Apex Skins

Hey, welcome to my page that talks all about the different character, and weapon skins in Apex. This is an extension to my main page that talks all about the characters and updates in Apex Legends, so I will mainly focus on the main page, but try to update this one as often as possible.

Grand Soirée

I previously talked about the Grand Soirée event on my main page, but over here, we will talk about the skins. Today on Jan,14,2020, the Clocktane, Hype Beast, SRVN MRVN, Falling Sky, and Viceroy skins were released in the item shop, and overall look really good. Now I will post images of these skins, and write a short review on all of them.

Hype Beast

The Hype Beast is the Grand Soirée skin for Crypto, and is in my opinion is incredibly funny because of how much he looks like lil pump. If I could purchase this skin, I definitely would, just for the meme.


Pre-note, I just want to say sorry for the incredibly low quality image, it is the best I could find. But this skin is made for Octane and, overall this skin is very nice, with the tubes on his back that give off a Bane look, and the nice gold color.


Again, sorry for the bad image of the SRVN MRVN. This skin makes me really excited, simply because I enjoy playing Pathfinder and it looks nothing like any of his other skins.


Viceroy is a skin for Bangalore, and is honestly one of my least favorite event skins I have ever seen. The reason I say this is becasue it is a legendary skin which cost 1800 Apex coins, and the whole design is very underwhelming