It has been one day since i got the HTC Vive virtual reality headset and lighthouse, but what is behind the mechanics of it that makes is so amazing? That is what you will learn in this article. The first thing you think of is when you hear or see the Vive you think, This is a gaming system well you are wrong! Yes it has a lot to do about gaming but you can listen to music, you can watch movies you can relive the experience in the blu where you are under water! Here I will give you a list of my favorite games so far on the HTC Vive.

1. Space Pirate Trainer: You shoot at drones and try to defend your ship (the best game ever!)

2. The Blu: You get to experience what it is like to be under the sea

3. The Lab: A series of mini games that lasts about five minutes each but soooo fun, especially longbow!!

4. Carnival games VR: have a fun day at the carnival climbing, shooting, throwing and more!

5. Google earth: You can literally go anywhere in the world!

6. Tilt Brush: Tilt brush allows you to paint is a 3D space!

These thing are called the lighthouse, they allow you to be tracked and they send the info they scan to the PC which is a big part of the HTC Vive.


The PC in the Vive is probably the most important part of the HTC Vive. The PC (aka mother board) is the thing that processes all the data that the lighthouses pick up. Now do you want to know the amazing part about it? It all does this in a couple milliseconds!

The HTC Vive was originally made to be used walking around the room. But it has three different setups on it. It has sitting, standing and room scale. I would definitely recommend the room scale set up.

Review of Climbey

So now I am going to get into a game review. The game that I will be reviewing is an amazing game called Climbey. This game is exactly what it sounds like it is a climbing game. The price is really cheap compared to some of the other games on the HTC Vive, it is 8 bucks. But at the beginning of the expirience I got a little nauseous but after that I felt like I was king of the world! If you want this game you should make your head set really tight and your head phones. The reason I said that is because I had a little difficulty looking up because I was worried that I was going to fall and that is another thing I want to talk about. If you do not like trampolines or going really fast DO NOT GET THIS GAME!! Because that is what it is all about. So that wraps it up for this game reveiw.

Now we get to talk abot the HTC Vive controllers. I think they are the best controllers in the world but that is not up to me is it. They are very light not heavy the are very seeable in the headset. The controllers come with both of there own charging platforms and they do not take a lot of time to charge. They can clonk into each other while playing some games but not often. I sometimes run into the wall so I would fix that is settings go to chaperone, and turn up bounds opacity.

Review of Raw Data


Today we are going to do another game review. In this game review we will be continuing this review for a couple of days. The game that we are talking about is called Raw Data. The plot of the game is that there is an evil company called Edencorp that has taken over the world and you have to stop all of the Robots from trying to kill you. This game at the beginning was super scary. I had to turn it off. But that is just because I don't like EVIL FRICKING ROBOTS POUNDING ON GLASS TRYING TO KILL ME!!!!! I am just joking, but I do not care for jump scares. In Raw Data you can be a single player or a multi player. I perfer single player because you do not have to wait for people to start a mission.

The robots as you can see are amazing graphic wise, well the whole game is amazing graphic wise. In the game you have three different characters to start with at the beginning of the game. One of the characters has a pistol, the other one has a sword and the last one has a big shot gun. The guy I am the character with a pistol because you do not have to reach behind your back eyery single time you need your weapon. This game I would totally recommend this to people who like excitement, first person shooter games, sometimes getting scared and futuristic robots. Overall just at the start of the game is just SUPER AWESOME!

Review of Raw Data


Today is the second day I have had Raw Data. I am still fricking scared of the robots. My dad tried it and he was really good at surviving compared to me. Raw Data has showen me the amazing advancements game devolpers have gone from ok to AWESOME. Game devolpers have put a lot of effort to keep on giving us new games and updates and for that I want to say THANK YOU! I know how much money companies and even just regular people have spent and it has been a amazing expirience.

Review of The Lab


This game is made by Valve and the game is called the Lab. The Lab is a series of mini games. Here is a list:

1. Longbow: In this mini game you try to defend your castle with a bow and arrow and try to keep enemies away as long as you can.

2. Secret Shop: This mini game your experience a shop with monsters and you can mess around with your environment.

3. Xortex: This game you use a ship in a small space to kill bombs that shoot at you. It is a very fun game.

4. Slingshot: In this game you cause as much damage to boxes as possible with a computer robot slingshot that talks.

5. Postcards: Do you like cute and weird things? Then this game is for you. Play with a robotic slinky dog in 4 locations.

6. Robot Repair: Robot repair is an experience where you can play with a robot and then you get recycled or something.

7. Solar System: Want to feel like the captain of outer space? Do this mini game and move the planets where ever you want!

8. Human Medical Scan: If you want to feel like a scientist play this and you can study the body in 3d.

My favorite game in the Lab is Longbow because you feel this feedback in the controllers and you actually feel like you are pulling the arrow back in real life. You have to put the mini game bubble on your face to activate the mini games. The thing that is amazing is that you do not realize how much fun it is when you see it on a flat screen, but when you actually do it on the Vive it is AWESOME compared to an iphone. The lab is a really cool expirience for your first immpression on the Vive, also it is free! So if you want a very cute and fun game here it is! Hey guys I have to show you my favorite part and that is when you play with a robotic slinky dog and ill add a image. Here it is:

Review of The Blu


This game is called the Blu and in this game it is an under water experience where you can encounter different animals in the sea. You have three different choices you can encounter a Blue whale, Giant jelly fish or an angler fish. My favorite experience is the the blue whale experience becuse he looks you in the eye which is amazing! It feels so life like and you feel like you wants to punch its flipper. My Mom started out with the angler fish one and she was scared for the HTC Vive. But then she does not even like to play any kind of scary game. I actually use this sometimes to calm down. so if you like underwater animals or the sea this game is for you. So I would like to give a big thanks to Wevr to making this game I hope you guys make more games like this in the future (maybe a dinosaur one)? So Wevr please keep on continuing to make games. This would make all of us gamers happy. That wraps it up for this game review.

Review of The Solus Project

I got a new game today. The game is called The Solus Project. The main plot of the game is the earth has exploded and humas are fleeing to this planet and you have to survive and TRY NOT TO DIE! Your left hand is a computer that tracks your stats and you can teleport with it. The other hand you collect and mix items to use in your adventures. Make sure you pay attention to the beginning where they explain the controlls because they are very complicated compared to other games. 12/31/2016! This is the last game review of 2016! So lets talk more about The Solus Project. The grapics are amazing in this you have this feeling that you are actually trying to save mankind and this planet! It is just crazy. It is a magical planet with weather, food, mountains, rocks and kind of magical spells. It is only one player but still fun. If you like adventure and space this is the game for you! Happy New Year I hope you liked all this info and I will do another one tomorrow. Thanks!

Review of Tilt Brush


Hey everyone it is me I am back. I hope we have a good New year! So now to get into the game review. I am doing a game called Tilt Brush. The game is made by Google and it allows you to paint it a 3d space. You have so many different choices of brushes and you can make them big or small. It is an amazing download and here is a video for people that have not seen the game.


Hello everybody I am back. Sorry it has been so long since I have uploaded a game review but we were last talking about Tilt Brush so lets get into it. We last put a video so if you have not seen that check that out. Tilt brush recently put a new update and I do not know what they did but just the graphics and everything is just more fun. I have made some pretty cool things in this. This could be a really fun game for pictionary or games like that. If you have an HTC Vive this is a MUST HAVE!

Review of Google Earth


Have you ever been really exited to go on vacation but always been brought down by security and things like that? Well do not worry for much longer you can get Google Earth and go and see the Statue of Liberty or the Leaning Tower of Pisa. My mom is a Geography person so she has had a blast playing this. Do not get this if you are afraid of heights. I got dizzy by this game but you have a comfort mode so you do not get sick (I didn't get sick). You can literally go anywhere in the world. Why go on vacation when you can use this. An amazing game. Good job Google!

Review of The Gallery episode 1: Call of The Starseed


Hello everybody Today as you probably know another game review. This game in my opinion is THE BEST GAME EVER!! The game is called The Gallery episode 1: Call of The Starseed. I know it is a very long name. This game is made by Cloud Head Games and I have to say amazing job! The game is about a brother and sister and the sister has been missing for a long time and you try to find her. You start out on a beach and you collect things and try to get into a sewer where a proffesor tries to kill you but then he realizes its you because you have known him for a long time. Then you go in his lab and cracks this code with this rock in the glass box it but I will let you see for yourself. Over all this is the best game ever and I can not wait till episode 2.

Review of Space Pirate Trainer


Hey guys! What is up? Lets do another game review and this game is called Space Pirate Trainer. I know, why couldn't I have done this for my first review but it is because I actually forgot I had this game. But we are doing it now. So this game is replayable and there are flying robots that shoot at you and you have to try and kill them. These robots come in waves and you have a couple choices of weapons. You have a sheild that also turns into a basher that can deflect bullets and you can bring the robots to the ground with it , a gun the gun has a couple of different modes. The different modes for the gun are a bomb mode that shoots bombs, machine gun style which is what I use, single bullet but you have to keep on pressing the controler every time you want a bullet, laser mode and fire cracker mode. If you want a simple, cheap but AWESOME game this is the game to get!!!

Review of Job Simulator the 2050 archives


Heys guys! What is going on today? Lets say it all together, "a game review". This game is a very early HTC Vive game. This game is about the future and robots have all these jobs but you are a human. This game is made by Owlchemy Labs. You have 4 choices of jobs: Gourmet Chef (where you cook for people), Auto Mechanic (where you fix up cars), O-emart (where you sell stuff a a mini mart) and last but not least the Office Worker (where you work in a cubicle). My favorite is O-emart becarse you can jumbo size every thing you can pick up, even money! This game is really fun and even though it is a very early game it is so much fun with lots of humor. The best part of this game it you can eat things and if they are moldy you barf. This is a great game for getting your first couple jobs and having fun with it.

Review of Rec Room


Hello everyone! I am so sorry it has been soooo long since I have uploaded a game review!! Today I am going to be reviewing a game called Rec Room. Rec room is where you can play with other people and peole hear everything you say and do. You can friend and join parties with other people so you can play with each other. In the game you can play lots of mini games or just hang out in the locker rooom where it is nice to meet and play with new people. Here are some of the mini games you can play:

  • Charades
  • Paintball
  • Quest
  • Paddle
  • Disc golf
  • The Lounge is where you can play poker and things like that only with people who you invite or you can go to a public room.
  • Dodge ball
  • Shield Soccer

The best thing about this game is you play with other people and having so much fun in the locker room. My name in the game is Logan MCU and go be my friend! The best player I know at paintball is Jong yi so go be his friend. So on a scale of 1-10 I would give this game a 9 Because I have played about 60 hours of this game. So now I want to talk about a game called Quest. At first I did not like this game because it was all medieval and stuff like that. Now Rec Room got an update called Quest: Rise of the Jumbotron. This Quest is a futuristic robot have taken over the world kind of game. The thing that is really cool about this is that it has a reload function.



Hello everybody i am bac but today we are not going to be doing a game review we are reviewing a software program called Revive. Revive allows you to play oculus games on the HTC Vive! "Back in May 2016, Oculus updated their Home app and introduced digital-rights-management software, effectively shutting down Revive just as they were getting off the ground."



Hello evryone I am back I am so so sorry it has been very long but still lets get into the game review. Today we are going to be reviewing a game called Robo Recall and this game was apparently was supposed to be Oculous but not with our trusty friend Revive. The story of Robo-Recall is that there has been a outbreak in a robot factory/ company and you have to kill the robots on the loose. In Robo-Recall you start out with two pistols and the cool thing is when you run out of ammo you drop the gun and new ones apper in your hands. There are a lot of shooting games but this one is probably in the top 5 of first person shooting games. On a scale of one to ten on graphics and fun i would give this a 9 because i literaly hated this game at first but i play it at least 1 hour a day. Thanks Guys I will see you next time.

Troubleshooting Tips


Hello everyone today we are going to talk about some problems I have had and wanted to pass along some info so you guys know how to fix it. Today I am only going to talk about one problem I have had but we will do more like this later.

This page linked below ended up describing the problem I was having:


The solution to my problem ended up coming fron a guy from Microsoft named Curtis Smith:

For those that seeing "Cannot find vc_runtimeMinimum_x64.msi" and the path is populated with

C:\ProgramData\Package Cache{A1C31BA5-5438-3A07-9EEE-A5FB2D0FDE36}v14.0.23506\packages\vcRuntimeMinimum_amd64\

lease download the 14.0.23506 x64 VC Redist package from

https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=49984 and manually install.

We've seen some rare cases of the MSI being corrupted when it is being cached. This will rewrite the cached MSI, allowing it be uninstalled or upgraded by later versions.